Slide "I’m open minded about traditional medication so I decided to try these tablets. I wish I’d had them years ago. I have since recommended these tablets to my mother and a family friend who suffer from back and joint pain and they have both said what a difference they have made." KAREN verified customer Slide "I have taken two a day since they became available in this country and I will happily endorse Phynova and would not hesitate to recommend its use. I found improvements in my pain and am able to get on with my life once more." RITA verified customer Slide "Worked very well for my knee pain and I was running pain free within a few days. This is definitely a ‘must buy’ product." JONATHAN verified customer Slide "After years of taking chondroitin I switched to Phynova just over a month ago. There has been a noticeable improvement in my bad knee that is heading for replacement surgery. Not only that but the whole leg has benefited, this at a time of year when I expect to suffer most. I am so pleased that I spotted a news story about this product." MARIA verified customer Slide "I increasingly suffered joint and muscle pain, to the extent that I found almost all actions painful. I read an article on Phynova and decided that it sounded that it might help. Currently on my 4th order, I found improvement by the end of the second month and that has continued to date!" PETER verified customer Slide "I can now walk upstairs without using the handrail to pull my myself up and I no longer need to to use analgesics." DEREK verified customer Slide "I have been taking these for four days and already I have felt relief, I wish I had known about them years ago!!!" AUDREY Via facebook Slide "I’m blessed to get these tablets from Phynova. I have used them for my leg pain which I have been suffering from for literally 19 years. I take these tablets twice a day and trust me I feel so comfortable while walking, jogging and sleeping. It’s my own experience of taking Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Tablets that I get sleep at night without having any pain." ANNU verified customer

Judy Gaskell

I took Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Tablets for three months and my mobility was much better. My knee problem was no longer an issue and I did not need a stick or supports. They were brilliant when I took the two lots but when I stopped my knee was not as mobile but there was no pain.

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