• I’m open minded about traditional medication so I decided to try these tablets. I wish I’d had them years ago. I have since recommended these tablets to my mother and a family friend who suffer from back and joint pain and they have both said what a difference they have made.

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  • Salvation came in Phynova! I have taken two a day since they became available in this country and I am asymptomatic! I will happily endorse Phynova and would not hesitate to recommend its use. I am entirely free from side effects, but with dramatic improvements in my well-being, as I have regained mobility, am pain-free and able to get on with my life with energy, once more.

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  • I’ve suffered from terrible pain in my calves such that walking up and down the aisles in the shops is difficult and I have to stop because of the pain.  After speaking with my doctor and GP I decided to try your tablets to see if they would help. They worked fantastically well

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  • Worked very well for my knee pain and I was running pain free within a few days. I have, as well, noticed a general improvement in all my joints over the period. This is definitely a ‘must buy’ product if you want the ageing process to slow down

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  • After years of taking chondroitin I switched to Phynova just over a month ago. There has been a noticeable improvement in my bad knee that is heading for replacement surgery. Not only that but the whole leg has benefited, this at a time of year when I expect to suffer most. I am so pleased that I spotted a news story about this product

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  • I increasingly suffered joint and muscle pain, to the extent that I found almost all actions painful. I read an article on Phynova and decided that it sounded that it might help. Currently on my 4th order, I found improvement by the end of the second month and that has continued to date and, there have been no side effects! I think Phynova has helped me enormously.

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  • I can now walk upstairs without using the handrail to pull my myself up and I no longer need to to use analgesics. I am also exercising to regain muscle loss.

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  • Two weeks now using the tablets and still very effective

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  • I have been taking Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief for just over 6 months and can say that they have made a considerable positive change to the comfort and ease of movement of my joints.

    My background is that I am a 51 year old woman. I row competitively and train 6 days a week. I then row on a Saturday and Sunday as well. I was finding that certain joints were stiffening up, in particular my elbow, knees and hips.

    After a very short time this stopped. And I mean stopped. I do not have pain in those areas anymore. I have residual pain in my lower back when I overdo swimming and also in my left arm as I am a strokesider in the boat but otherwise I can highly recommend this meditation. In fact, when I ran out of this medication and thought I would see if all would be well without it, after a very short time the stiffness and joint pain returned. It was a relief to receive my next months supply.

    Thank you for helping me to keep well and active into my 50’s.

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  • I have got fibromyalgia and take lots of medication. First time I’ve slept through without my muscles hurting at night. Only took two Saturday, one today and it eased a lot so I hope at the end of the week to feel a lot better.

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  • I have been taking these for four days and already I have felt
    relief, I wish I had known about them years ago!!!

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  • I’ve been on them for 4 days. I have bad arthritis in my hands
    and they are working for me but certainly not saying works for everyone.

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