Joint and Muscle Pain


Backache or back pain is a feeling of soreness, stiffness or tension in the lower back. It is often caused by strained ligaments or muscles. It can limit movement and make rising, standing or walking difficult and uncomfortable.

Rheumatic and Joint Pain

Rheumatic and joint pain can include tenderness, inflammation, swelling and redness of the joint, as well as stiffness and a warmth emitted from the joint area. As the condition progresses sufferers might notice joint disfigurement, a loss of range of motion or flexibility accompanied by extreme fatigue, lack of energy and weakness.

Muscle Pain

Muscle pain can be caused by stress, tension or physical activity and can affect any muscle in the body including neck, back, and leg. Although this is often not too debilitating, muscle pain can restrict a sufferers activities due to the discomfort.

Minor Sports Injuries

Minor sports injuries in muscles and joints can including pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising, and restricted movement or stiffness in the affected areas. It might be several hours after playing sport or doing exercise that the sufferer notices the pain.

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