Sigesbeckia sunrise: the power of plants

Our Sigesbeckia Sunrise event combined the power of plants and movement at the Shard, London for a morning of Tai-Chi and exploration under a beautiful sunrise.

As part of this event, we wanted to educate our guests around Sigesbeckia – the key ingredient in Phynova Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Tablets – and how this natural, plant-based ingredient has many benefits on the body – from its cartilage protective effects through to its antioxidant properties.

Inviting a series of influencers, industry professionals and open minds, the morning kicked off with a series of inspiring talks including the powerful story of Melanie, who through the use of Phynova Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Tablets has been able to get her active life back –watch her full story here.

We also had the great pleasure of introducing our new ambassador, Dr Gemma Newman otherwise known as the Plant Powered Doctor.

Dr Newman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of plant-based medicine:

“Pre-clinical trials show that the active ingredient Sigesbeckia has a number of potentially beneficial mechanisms of action, including anti-oxidant activity, a role in regulating pain pathways and reducing inflammation.

It has been used for over 1000 years and Phynova’s MHRA approval also proves it is a safe and reliable source of Sigesbeckia. There’s a place for natural plant powered remedies alongside other treatments, and Phynova’s Joint & Muscle Relief Tablets provide a chance at natural relief of pain-related conditions that affect so many people in the UK.”

We then invited all attendees to join us in a body-energising tai-chi class led by teacher, Barry McGinlay who took the group through a series of energy boosting and flowing movements to engage our bodies and minds, setting us up for the day ahead.

Tai Chi has a long standing association with chronic pain relief as well as general conditioning to maintain mobility through low impact exercises and movement, something numerous studies agree with.

The event overall encapsulated and championed our belief in a balanced approach to chronic pain management; the power of plant-powered pain relief and leading an active lifestyle to maintain mobility and enjoy life to the full.

Photography – thanks to Callum Teggin of Wickerman Photography